Inductive Factor 1 Sensors

sensorConstant distance towards any metal

Inductive Factor 1 sensors offer the great benefit of maintaining the same sensing distance towards all metals. Unlike standard sensors where this value changes, depending on the material. The benefits of Factor 1 sensors are obvious: This uniform distance offers outstanding flexibility in system conception and sensor installation. Contrary to conventional sensors, Factor 1 sensors feature enhanced sensing distance towards many different metals. Hence, they are even perfect for applications with variable objects.
Your benefit:

  • Utmost flexibility in construction and installation „
  • Uniform, large sensing distance towards any metal „
  • Shorter installation times, thanks to minimal adaptation effort „
  • Eased alignment thanks to large sensing distance „
  • Reduced sensor variety – the same sensor will match different applications

fast sense

Baumer sets new benchmarks in temperature sensing

TER8 temperature sensor by Baumer is available in three variants: for front flush installation and with 20 mm or 50 mm immersion sleeve. The hygienic design ensures food safety and quality.

With TER8 temperature sensors, Baumer adds yet another high-end product to their portfolio.

The compact sensor based on RTD technology is especially designed for applications with demanding requirements on measuring accuracy and stringent hygienic standards. It is available both for front flush installation and in two variants with an immersion sleeve. With all wetted parts fully made of PEEK, TER8 stands out from products currently available on the market.
Based on the TE2 series, TER8 adopts the proven mechanical and electromechanical properties of this product family. The compact TER8 sensor housing fits even into tight spots difficult to access.
The sophisticated installation concept forgoing any elastomers but yet 3A and EHED compliant ensures optimum hygienic capabilities free from maintenance while also cutting down on maintenance and downtime.
The sensor in its front flush variant allows for direct process integration, regardless of agitators or any other inside tank assemblies. This mounting versatility allows for reliable temperature detection even from previously infeasible mounting positions. It will speed up the process, enhance process control and save manufacturing resources while improving product quality.
The front flush variant also plays to its strengths when installed in pipelines. Very low-impact in media flow, it permits the use of pigs. Contrary to similar sensors with metal sensor inserts, there are no sealing points in the process. Hermetical sealing towards the process in particular prevents the ingress of steam.
This ensures absolute reliability and long-life capabilities, especially in SIP processes. The specialized insulation between sensing element and housing isolates the media temperature to be measured from ambient impacts and ensures reliable measured results.
First customer testimonials have confirmed that the innovative TER8 design has closed another gap in process control.

Brewery Process

With Baumer’s CleverLevel, the clever alternative to the vibrating fork, process stoppage is a thing of the past. Do you experience overflow issues in your excess yeast tanks due to the sensor not detecting foam? Or does foam in your CIP caustic tank cause overflow issues or even cause pumps to run dry? Baumer offers you the perfect solution with CleverLevel. Universally usable for all types of media. Installed as high and low limits throughout the complete brewing process from raw barley storage to maturation.

  • Foam overflow protection in the yeast tank

    CleverLevel easily detects any sticky or adhesive foam in excess yeast tanks to avoid overflow during filling.


    Dry run protection of your pumps

    CleverLevel can reliably ignore any foam – light, thick, sticky, or non-sticky – and therefore prevent your pumps from running dry.


    Foam overflow protection in caustic CIP tanks

    CleverLevel ignores or detects foam which allows for reliable filling of the caustic CIP tank. The PEEK sensor tip is resistant to all cleaning medias used during CIP and supplied with in a robust stainless steel housing resistant to high pressure cleaning.

    Configuration tool FlexProgrammer

    CleverLevel will be delivered pre-programmed but can visually be configured via Baumer’s dedicated software to:

    • ignore or detect foam
    • ignore media sticking to the sensor tip
    • separate two or more medias (phase separation).  video

CleverLevel: all-round level switch for the beverage industry

The Baumer CleverLevel series LBFS/LFFS are versatile level switch that really displays its strengths in the beverage industry by reducing costs and maintenance thanks to process optimization.
Complex tasks like level control are also child’s play for the CleverLevel. As an all-rounder it recognizes all types of different materials and liquids, even sticky or viscous media and foam. These capabilities open up new application potentials for the CleverLevel in the beverage industry.

Supported by the FlexProgrammer, the CleverLevel series can perform even complex filling level monitoring tasks.


Technical report - Level switch in brewery applications (2.1 MB)

Technical report – Level switch in brewery applications (2.1 MB)

For instance, as it can be currently seen at the Danish Carlsberg brewery. They use CleverLevel for level control in yeast tanks, solving a problem the brewery previously had in the deployment of vibrating forks: Filling the yeast after fermentation goes together with considerable foam formation. The previously used vibrating fork did not recognize the foam which resulted in regular yeast tank overflows.
The CleverLevel operates on frequency deviation technology and has now solved this problem. It can be configured visually and easily using the special software and FlexProgrammer to suppress or not suppress foam. The CleverLevel is maintenance free, has a shallow mounting depth of 15 mm and meets the important 3A and EHEDG standards. Thanks to its diverse features, the CleverLevel is used throughout the entire brewing process, from the initial filling of the storage tank with barley to the finished beer.
See the product here: Baumer CleverLevel series LBFS/LFFS

Baumer HDmag flex magnetic belt encoders — measuring the precise position and speed

HDmag flex magnetic belt encoder


Your application all wrapped up.

imagemapThe innovative HDmag flex magnetic belt encoders MIR 3000F and MQR 3000F are particularly cost-effective solutions for measuring the position and speed of shafts with large diameters of up to 3183 mm. They are based on the tried and tested HDmag principle, the high-resolution scan of a precision dimensional scale with real-time signal processing. The sensing head has two adjustable scanning units for adaptation to any shaft diameter. The high-resolution dimensional scale is strapped onto the shaft like a belt.

Applications Integrated function monitoring Output signals Insensitive and robust Double belt scanning Double belt scanning
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