Hubodometers from Veeder-Root

Veeder-Root Hubodometers

Performance when it counts!

A Veeder-Root hubodometer is a robust, sealed device that is attached to a commercial truck, trailer, or farm machine axle to record miles or kilometers.

  • Unsurpassed for performance, reliability, and accuracy
  • For tracking leasing or maintenance miles, Veeder-Root sets the standard
  • Backed by a long-term warranty
  • American made since 1895

To view our entire product offering, please see our Hubodometer Application Guide.

Model RT1000 Electronic HubodometerElectronic Hubodometer


  • Rite-Trak’s setup features include capturing distance data as miles or kilometers
  • Simply program in the number of revolutions per mile or kilometer.
  • 5-Year Warranty – no mile/kilometer limitation.


 THE ORIGINAL Series 7777 Mechanical Hubodometer Mechanical Hubodometer

  • Magnifying crystal angles upward for easier reading
  • Hermetically sealed with inert gas and double O-ring
  • Counterbalance prevents orbiting – even on rough roads
  • 300,000 mile/500,000 kilometer warranty (no time limit)


Veeder-Root is proud to announce that we can now private label both our electronic and mechanical hubodometers bringing you the performance you know you can rely on as well as the personalization you need to grow your business.

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