Angular measurement in harsh environments

The compact GIM500R inclination sensors in robust aluminum housing are ideal for use in harsh environments.
When it comes to tough outdoor use, many sensors reach their limits. Inclination sensors by sensor expert Baumer stand for maximum reliability and durability even in a harsh environment. Thanks to the extremely robust and resilient design, the new GIM500R sensors are ideal for outdoor applications in mobile automation and ensure maximum system uptime.

The GIM500R inclination sensors excel by ultra-high accuracy up to ±0.1˚ for absolute reliability and precise positioning. The E1-compliant and uncompromising design with optimal EMC properties, IP 69K protection and corrosion resistance up to C5-M is particularly addressing demanding outdoor applications. Their shock and vibration resistance up to 200 g respectively 20 g and the wide temperature range from +85 down to -40°C make the inclination sensors particularly durable in temperature fluctuations and any type of soiling. The integrated EN13849-compliant firmware meets the highest requirements on reliability which allows for standard components to be used in functional safety systems up to PLd level. Another hallmark of the new series is optional redundant system design where required.
Inclination sensors of the GIM500R series stand out by their compact aluminum housing, high cost-efficiency and maximum flexibility in system design. They fit in the confined installation space prevailing in mobile automation and heavy vehicles.
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Pressure & Temperature – Rugged Pressure and Temperature Switches for Nuclear Power Stations

  • For pneumatic or hydraulic control, power generation safety equipment and pressurized chambers control
  • Resistant to short duration overpressure
  • and show a good vibration resistance
  • Very good repeatability (±1% F.S.)
  • Comply with ATEX 94/9/CE requirements

With the series ZPN, ZDPN and ZT, Baumer offers very robust pressure and temperature switches developed especially for the use in nuclear power stations. The pressure switches are suitable for pneumatic or hydraulic control, for power generation safety equipment and for pressurized chambers control. They are resistant to short duration overpressure and show a good vibration resistance. The ZPN can measure a gauge pressure from -1 bar up to 600 bar with a very small intermediate range from -2 mbar up to 10 mbar. TheZDPN measures a differential pressure from 2 mbar up to 120 bar.
The pressure switches maintain a constant pressure around a chosen set value. When the pressure reaches a critical pre-set value, they trigger an alarm or safety system. A flexible diaphragm actuates a micro-switch via a piston. The set point adjustment is realized via a compressible spring mounted on the opposite. Due to the force-balance principle, the dead band setting remains constant, even with different setpoint adjustments. With rapid pressure variations, an attenuator should be used to prevent a temporary on and off switching.
The ZT temperature switches are suitable for all fluids and measuring ranges between -45°C and 350°C. They maintain a constant temperature around a chosen set value and act as a regulator of an alarm or safety system when the temperature reaches a critical pre-set value.
The pressure and temperature switches ZPN, ZDPN and ZT offer a very good repeatability (±1% F.S.) making them suitable for all demanding applications. The devices comply with ATEX 94/9/CE requirements for the use in hazardous areas, they are available in an intrinsically safe and an explosion-proof version. Approved by the French electricity board EDF, they are used in nuclear power stations all over the world.