Contrast sensors for print mark detection

Baumer’s new FKDK 14 contrast sensors for print mark detection are fast and accurate, making them the ideal, economical solution for print mark detection in packaging and printing machines. Utilizing white light as the light source, the FKDK 14 series can precisely detect print marks of all colors.
Optimized for high throughput speed, the new contrast sensor offers a response time down to 50 µs. This allows very short throughput times to be achieved.  At the same time, the contrast sensor is very compact and can be integrated easily into any machine. The 2-point teach-in procedure is simple and intuitive and can also be conducted dynamically during the process.
Since the light source is white light, the contrast sensor can reliably detect print marks of all colors, even with slight contrast to the background. The switching status is indicated with an LED, which is clearly visible through the transparent housing base of the contrast scanner.
The FKDK 14 is ideally suited for applications in packaging and graphic machinery. Providing an economical solution for print mark or printing plate detection, the FKDK 14 diffuse contrast sensor combines short response time and a compact housing with the unique white light source.
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