Eagle Signal Timers for Plastics Manufacturing

You can’t go a single day without encountering literally hundreds, if not thousands, of objects made out of plastic. Since they were popularized for use in consumer packaging and durable goods in the 1950s, plastics have since exploded into a $310 billion a year industry. And behind many those plastic packaging and manufacturing plants are Eagle Signal timers.
For plastics manufacturing techniques such as injection molding machinery, thermoforming and extrusion equipment to blow molding machinery, promoting reliable and safe plastics production and consistent product output is critical. This means reducing unnecessary downtime and eliminating all material waste. The key to accomplishing this is accurate and reliable timing equipment.
Eagle Signal brand electronic timers ensure timed plastic mold release and precise heat and pressure control of the plastic resin pellets within the barrel of the injection mold machine. The on-delay timer activates the heating element which signals the temperature controller to melt the plastic pellets to a given temperature parameter within the barrel for optimum plastic injection or molding at the opposite end.


Eagle Signal brand elapsed timers and hour meters for RV's and Golf Carts?

Recreational Vehicles
Eagle Signal brand elapsed timers and hour meters aren’t just the lifeblood of complex machine shops and industrial applications. They’re also found anywhere it’s necessary to manage the long-term operation and scheduled maintenance of electrical equipment, such as for golf carts at a pro shop. It’s in the interest of all concerned parties to maintain an accurate run-time records for carts in order to prevent lost revenue for the course or, worse yet, a mis-billed and unhappy customer.
Eagle Signal brand elapsed timers can be found hard at work in golf carts to monitor battery run time hours similar to a standard car’s odometer. Accurate power usage readings help ensure both a vehicle’s owners and users receive an accurate reckoning of its total use. That’s just good business.


Eagle Signal Timers for Food Processing

Food Processing
As anyone who has ever baked a cake knows, even a small variation in time or temperature can have drastic results for the finished product. The food processing and industrial baking industries operate on the same principle, but on a much larger scale. And because the quantity of ingredients involved could potentially result in a huge loss of resources in the event of a mechanical error in timing, the equipment the industrial bakers rely on must be absolutely accurate beyond all doubt.
That’s why industrial bakers and food manufacturers turn to Eagle Signal for their large oven applications, such as the production of bread, pastries, and other products. Our counters enable machine operators to reliably measure ingredients and accurately monitor oven processes and baking times to prevent material waste, scrap and the time and labor involved in reproduction. Eagle Signal offers a range of reset and repeat cycle timers designed to provide user-friendly and accurate time and process control of oven baking time coupled.
BRE Timer

Eagle Signal Timers for Pump Control

Pump Controls
Modern manufacturing plants are carefully orchestrated operations that synchronize dozens of complex machines and operations, all working in unison. And more often than not, Eagle Signal timers are behind it all, carefully keeping the pace for each and every application to follow.
Nowhere is this more apparent than on motorized pumps. Motors are associated with nearly every industrial and commercial application, including water pumps, hydraulic pumps and other utility pumps. Electronic timers initiate special starting sequences in high voltage, high horse power pump applications.
This type of gradual motor start up using electronic timers enables the motor to go through a sequential start to eventual maximum motor capacity. The gradual start up cycle time is designed to prevent thermal rise (or overheating) within the motor which, if prolonged over time, can lead to thermal breakdown and resultant motor failure, machine downtime and expense of motor replacement. By limiting thermal rise within the motor, an energy savings of up to 50% and a longer motor lifetime are made possible.

Eagle Signal timers for Irrigation


Electronic Timer vs. Electromechanical Timer

A timer may have many functions and applications within manufacturing processes. Eagle Signal’s electronic timer and electromechanical timer products are designed primarily to track or control time-based applications such as run-time and event processes. However, choosing the right kind of timer (electromechanical timer or electronic timer) depends on application specifics: Does the application only require monitoring, or does it require an output/control action as well?
Eagle-Signal timers come in two main varieties: electromechanical timer or electronic timer designs:

Electromechanical Timer

Electromechanical timer models are characterized by their ruggedness and simple efficiency. An electromechanical timer may take the form of an On Delay, off delay, interval timer or Repeat Cycle device. In addition, an electromechanical timer is characteristically long-lived. An electromechanical timer would not be ideal if space was a concern (due to their larger physical size) or where a non-fixed time range is required.

Electronic Timer

An electronic timer would be the timer of choice when fast, high precision accuracy and event feedback are required. In contrast to electromechanical timer models, an electronic timer is more compact and also more complex. If feedback/output control functions are required (in terms of an alarm or another pre-programmed event), an electronic timer is a better fit than an electromechanical timer. Each electronic timer offers digital programmability and a choice of LED or LCD display as well as multifunction and long time ranges. These programmable timer solutions are available in many forms to meet many different needs:

  • time indicators
  • reset timers
  • repeat cycle timers
  • Multi-function timers

Electronic timer models are more complex yet relatively easy to maintain. Each programmable timer is rugged and requires minimal maintenance. Some units are sensitive to environmental forces such as physical shock. Specific limitations and differences between programmable electronic timers and electromechanical timer devices are detailed in the programmable table below.

Eagle-Signal ™ Programmable Timer Technology Matrix
Types Time Totalizer (Hourmeter)
Preset / Predetermine
Repeat Cycle Timer
Time Totalizer (Hourmeter)
Preset / Predetermine
Repeat Cycle Timer
Sizes Various Panel Cutout All popular panel mount sizes including. 1/32, 1/16 or 1/8 DIN
Mounting Base Front to Panel (FTP) and Surface Mount Front to Panel (FTP)
DIN Rail, or surface Mount
Accuracy/stability Fixed Adjustable
Cost Low – Moderate Moderate – High
Features / Functionality Low – Moderate Moderate – High
Time Modes Preset / Reset
Repeat Cycle
Preset / Multi-function
Repeat Cycle
Ease of Use Simple – Moderate Simple – Moderate
Options Simple – Moderate Moderate – High

– See more at: http://www.danaherspecialtyproducts.com/Eagle_Signal/Products_and_Solutions/Timers/#sthash.uK8fxlvB.dpuf