Aerospace & Defense – R25 Heavy Duty Brushless Resolvers

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When the military relies on a line of resolvers for proven performance, you know it’s a top-of-the-line product. Precise feedback and speed control of their aircraft at all times is imperative to pilots. That’s why they trust Harowe brand resolvers to deliver reliable and accurate feedback.
Thrust reversers, throttle valve indicators and starter/generator feedback are just some of the critical mechanical and jet operation applications that Harowe brand resolvers control. They are also used for flap position indicators, fuel control valve indicators, inertial guidance systems and auto-pilot controls. Battling gravity and top speeds, pilots must be confident their resolvers will perform to specification.
aboutus-adHarowe products are designed to meet aerospace and defense requirements, including: high-speed applications (over 30,000RPM), high-temperature environments (up to 200C), high-shock and vibration environments, dual speeds, and tandems for redundancy applications. We can supply COTS, Modified COTS and ITAR solutions.

Recommended Solutions


HaroMax Resolver

Ideal for brushless motors, robots and direct-drive motors in precision rotary platforms and similar servo applications.



Series R25 Heavy Duty Resolver

R25 Heavy Duty Brushless Resolvers

The better choice over encoders for applications that involve very high temperature, vibration and shock and/or dirty environments.



Size 31 and 55 Frameless Resolvers

Size 31 & 55 Frameless Resolvers

Lightweight, compact and provide accurate, absolute position feedback and resistance to high shock, vibration, EMI noise, radiation and temperature extremes.