Baumer sets new benchmarks in temperature sensing

TER8 temperature sensor by Baumer is available in three variants: for front flush installation and with 20 mm or 50 mm immersion sleeve. The hygienic design ensures food safety and quality.

With TER8 temperature sensors, Baumer adds yet another high-end product to their portfolio.

The compact sensor based on RTD technology is especially designed for applications with demanding requirements on measuring accuracy and stringent hygienic standards. It is available both for front flush installation and in two variants with an immersion sleeve. With all wetted parts fully made of PEEK, TER8 stands out from products currently available on the market.
Based on the TE2 series, TER8 adopts the proven mechanical and electromechanical properties of this product family. The compact TER8 sensor housing fits even into tight spots difficult to access.
The sophisticated installation concept forgoing any elastomers but yet 3A and EHED compliant ensures optimum hygienic capabilities free from maintenance while also cutting down on maintenance and downtime.
The sensor in its front flush variant allows for direct process integration, regardless of agitators or any other inside tank assemblies. This mounting versatility allows for reliable temperature detection even from previously infeasible mounting positions. It will speed up the process, enhance process control and save manufacturing resources while improving product quality.
The front flush variant also plays to its strengths when installed in pipelines. Very low-impact in media flow, it permits the use of pigs. Contrary to similar sensors with metal sensor inserts, there are no sealing points in the process. Hermetical sealing towards the process in particular prevents the ingress of steam.
This ensures absolute reliability and long-life capabilities, especially in SIP processes. The specialized insulation between sensing element and housing isolates the media temperature to be measured from ambient impacts and ensures reliable measured results.
First customer testimonials have confirmed that the innovative TER8 design has closed another gap in process control.

HS35: More than an all-American product – Baumer

HS35: More than an all-American product
Originally conceived for the North American Market, HS 35 now reveals a general interest in the “all-American guy”, especially in India and China. We are convinced that also Italy and more European countries offer a considerable market potential for this encoder platform.
HS 35 is available as sine wave configuration as well as programmable and non-programmable with rectangular signals. To learn more, download the product brochure (PDF 1,9 MB).
bg-datenblatt_hs35 bg-industries MS_teaser-download_HS35


Product series


for a variety of applications


Railed Vehicles – Baumer Sensors

“High tech on rails”

Without reliable sensors no wheel would turn on the railroad in the 21st century. The list of sensors used for safer, faster and more convenient rail traffic is very, very long today. And Baumer offers a whole range of products for this purpose – developed on the basis of its many years of experience as a partner of the rail industry.

In the drive system and undercarriage bogie, sensors pick up the rotational speed of the engine, gear and wheel axes and measure the pressure in the brake system. Ultrasonic sensors reliably detect the distance to the track for ideal footboard extension. Inductive sensors signalize end positions, e.g. at the boarding aids and at the window locking devices. In the coupling systems hydraulic as well as pneumatic pressures are measured and coupling operations are monitored. Of course the air conditioning systems need sensors and display instruments, too. In addition, all relevant measuring values must be visualized in the driver’s cab.


Drive System                                Doors and Windows


Coupling system                          Climate and sanitary


Drivers cab                                    Pantographs

Rail, Light Rail, Buses, Trucks & Support Equipment – Weschler Meters

Commercial transportation is a target industry for Weschler products.  Diesel electric locomotives use analog meters and digital meters to monitor generator and motor condition, as well as the status of other on-board systems.  We manufacture special illuminated and ruggedized meters to display vehicle speed in the cab.
Buses and heavy duty trucks benefit from the ruggedness and reliability of Weschler indicators.  Our gauges provide accurate readout of vehicle speed, motor RPM, engine temperature, fuel level, hydraulic pressure and other parameters.  Many models can be interfaced to on-board data loggers and telemetry systems.
Emergency vehicles incorporate a combination of digital and analog meters – in fire engine pumper controls, ambulance monitor panel and other vehicle sub-systems.
Weschler products are used in the construction and maintenance of roadways and rail lines.  Asphalt paving machines track temperatures and feed rates with Weschler digital instrumentation.  Concrete batch plants monitor and control mixing operations with our analog & digital meters.   Meters and transducers are used to monitor motor currents on heavy off-road construction equipment.
Weschler Instruments – Indicators & Meters for the Bus IndustryWeschler Instruments – Indicators & Meters for the Railroad IndustryWeschler Instruments – Indicators & Meters for Emergency Vehicles
Locomotive & Transit Meters (pdf)
Weschler Products
Weschler Instruments – Indicators & Meters for the Light Rail IndustryWeschler Instruments – Indicators & Meters for the Trucking IndustryWeschler Instruments – Indicators & Meters for the Construction Industry