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Green Energy

Energy management and energy conservation start with the ability to monitor power and energy use.   For electrical systems, this involves measuring DC or AC power (Watts, VA, VAr) or energy (Wh, VAh, VArh).
In fixed installations, digital meters offer a range of display formats, capabilities & sizes. Single display power/energy meters start at $150.  Multiple display meters with user selectable parameters are available for $200-800, depending on configuration and capabilities. Bargraph power meters, which show a digital reading and analog level, start around $350.Advanced parameters, including power factor, demand & harmonics, are standard on many models. Most meters also offer options for setpoint alarms & network communications.  Specialized meters are available for applications such as generator monitoring or load shedding.  See the more popular digital:
Power Meters
Energy Meters
Bargraph Meters
For older systems, we offer a selection of Analog Power Meters and panel adapters.
Energy Meters & Monitors for & Energy Conservation – Weschler Instruments 
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Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions – explosion protected plugs and receptacles

Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions

Safety is of major concern to all manufacturers, but nowhere more than in the labs and process facilities of pharmaceutical companies — the world of clean rooms and powder.

Their materials and production processes put factories, equipment, and employees at special risk of explosion. Understanding and preventing these events is an area of distinctive expertise at R. STAHL.

Pharmaceutical companies live with the risk of flammable and combustible substances being released in the event of a process malfunction, or merely when a customer is cleaning with flammable liquids. Consequently, the requirements of explosion protection must span virtually all process operations, even in clean rooms.

Special Needs Give Rise to Unique Products

The photograph at right shows a product recently designed by R. STAHL in collaboration with a leading U.S. pharmaceutical firm. A special clean room power plug and receptacle panels have been designed with smooth flanges to prevent bacteria contamination. Clean room panels facilitate quick process transitions and ensure safe working environments.

Stahl Explosion Proof / Explosion Protected Plugs & Receptacles


We invite you to learn more about our products and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The following articles, which have appeared in the Ex Magazine, our annual publication, document a variety of our capabilities and historical projects.

  • “Clean” Explosion Protection (PDF) by Th. Arnhold, 2006
  • Insulin-Inhale Instead of Injecting by R. Otterbach
  • Large insulin plant by Aventis Pharma & Pfizer
  • Explosion-Protected Switchgear in Lithium-Alanate Production (PDF) by O. Bachmann & A. Ziesmann, 2002

Wireless Technology for Process Automation

Wireless Technology for Process Automation

The use of wireless technology in process industry offers entirely new possibilities for the system operators to optimise existing production processes and adopt entirely new paths.
A wide field of applications with various solutions becomes available to the user: R. STAHL considers this trend in many different ways.
Besides WLAN, GSM and WirelessHART, R. STAHL also offers switches working without battery or power supply. Recently, the offer has been completed by a localisation system offering new solutions for more efficient production processes and increased safety.

Pump Jack Monitoring

Pump Jack monitoring makes your operation more efficient and cost effective by monitoring On/Off events, following trends, and sending alarms. Ensure quick resolution of asset repair or maintenance and keep downtime to a minimum.

  • Remotely monitor pump jacks to detect and report On/Off events
  • Receive alarms when the motor stops and cannot restart
  • Monitor controller outputs to report control events including Modbus registers for operational parameters
  • Remotely control the pump jack
  • Remotely retrieve pump cards
  • Can integrate with most controllers
  • Can accommodate different power requirements-site power, battery, or solar with battery backup
  • Monitor multiple pump jacks or multiple assets with one AMCi monitoring system


  • Get instant notifications that the pump jack has shutdown unexpectedly
  • Respond quickly to shutdown events to resolve problems and get oil pumping again
  • Accurately report pump jack uptime and demonstrate contract compliance
  • If using portable equipment, and integrated GPS receiver can quickly provide the pump jack location
  • Alarms can be sent via email, text message, or phone call
  • View the status of all equipment from your desktop with AMCi’s SatAlarm-Server host application

From simple On/Off event reporting to complex controller monitoring, AMCi has a solution to meet the customer’s specific needs. Contract AMCi to let us find the best and most cost effective solution for your monitoring requirements.

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SatAlarm -TankAlert

Our tank float switch kit turns a Sentry68, SMU68, or IDP680 into an instant tank level alarm.

  • The float is dropped into the tank from above through a standard 4” inspection port or bung
  • A friction collar allows the float to be set at the desired height within the tank
  • Single- or multi-level floats are available in variety of materials for almost any production or product tank
  • No external power source is required, making this application truly infrastructure independent and very easy to install
  • Sense multiple levels with one float
  • Totally self-contained satellite unit
  • Battery, solar or site powered
  • Installs in minutes

SatAlarm-Server Web Application

SatAlarm-Server is internet-based and is for users and administrators to see and interact with their remote equipment.

  • No special software required
  • Password protected website
  • Generate & print reports
  • Export data files
  • Full mapping features
  • Last known status
  • Poll for data and location
  • Route to mapping features
  • Unlimited electronic alarm notifications
  • Works with AMCi’s 24/7 live-operator call center

Call for more information: +1-865-789-6085

SatAlarm tank amci