SatAlarm -TankAlert

Our tank float switch kit turns a Sentry68, SMU68, or IDP680 into an instant tank level alarm.

  • The float is dropped into the tank from above through a standard 4” inspection port or bung
  • A friction collar allows the float to be set at the desired height within the tank
  • Single- or multi-level floats are available in variety of materials for almost any production or product tank
  • No external power source is required, making this application truly infrastructure independent and very easy to install
  • Sense multiple levels with one float
  • Totally self-contained satellite unit
  • Battery, solar or site powered
  • Installs in minutes

SatAlarm-Server Web Application

SatAlarm-Server is internet-based and is for users and administrators to see and interact with their remote equipment.

  • No special software required
  • Password protected website
  • Generate & print reports
  • Export data files
  • Full mapping features
  • Last known status
  • Poll for data and location
  • Route to mapping features
  • Unlimited electronic alarm notifications
  • Works with AMCi’s 24/7 live-operator call center

Call for more information: +1-865-789-6085

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