Eagle Signal Timers for Pump Control

Pump Controls
Modern manufacturing plants are carefully orchestrated operations that synchronize dozens of complex machines and operations, all working in unison. And more often than not, Eagle Signal timers are behind it all, carefully keeping the pace for each and every application to follow.
Nowhere is this more apparent than on motorized pumps. Motors are associated with nearly every industrial and commercial application, including water pumps, hydraulic pumps and other utility pumps. Electronic timers initiate special starting sequences in high voltage, high horse power pump applications.
This type of gradual motor start up using electronic timers enables the motor to go through a sequential start to eventual maximum motor capacity. The gradual start up cycle time is designed to prevent thermal rise (or overheating) within the motor which, if prolonged over time, can lead to thermal breakdown and resultant motor failure, machine downtime and expense of motor replacement. By limiting thermal rise within the motor, an energy savings of up to 50% and a longer motor lifetime are made possible.