Eagle Signal Timers for Food Processing

Food Processing
As anyone who has ever baked a cake knows, even a small variation in time or temperature can have drastic results for the finished product. The food processing and industrial baking industries operate on the same principle, but on a much larger scale. And because the quantity of ingredients involved could potentially result in a huge loss of resources in the event of a mechanical error in timing, the equipment the industrial bakers rely on must be absolutely accurate beyond all doubt.
That’s why industrial bakers and food manufacturers turn to Eagle Signal for their large oven applications, such as the production of bread, pastries, and other products. Our counters enable machine operators to reliably measure ingredients and accurately monitor oven processes and baking times to prevent material waste, scrap and the time and labor involved in reproduction. Eagle Signal offers a range of reset and repeat cycle timers designed to provide user-friendly and accurate time and process control of oven baking time coupled.
BRE Timer