Eagle Signal Timers for Plastics Manufacturing

You can’t go a single day without encountering literally hundreds, if not thousands, of objects made out of plastic. Since they were popularized for use in consumer packaging and durable goods in the 1950s, plastics have since exploded into a $310 billion a year industry. And behind many those plastic packaging and manufacturing plants are Eagle Signal timers.
For plastics manufacturing techniques such as injection molding machinery, thermoforming and extrusion equipment to blow molding machinery, promoting reliable and safe plastics production and consistent product output is critical. This means reducing unnecessary downtime and eliminating all material waste. The key to accomplishing this is accurate and reliable timing equipment.
Eagle Signal brand electronic timers ensure timed plastic mold release and precise heat and pressure control of the plastic resin pellets within the barrel of the injection mold machine. The on-delay timer activates the heating element which signals the temperature controller to melt the plastic pellets to a given temperature parameter within the barrel for optimum plastic injection or molding at the opposite end.