Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions – explosion protected plugs and receptacles

Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions

Safety is of major concern to all manufacturers, but nowhere more than in the labs and process facilities of pharmaceutical companies — the world of clean rooms and powder.

Their materials and production processes put factories, equipment  and employees at special risk of explosion. Understanding and preventing these events is an area of distinctive expertise at R. STAHL.

Pharmaceutical companies live with risk of flammable and combustible substances being released in the event of a process malfunction, or merely when a customer is cleaning with flammable liquids. Consequently, the requirements of explosion protection must span virtually all process operations, even in clean rooms.

Special Needs Give Rise to Unique Products

Explosion_proof_plugs_receptacles_02_028c938176The photograph at right shows a product recently designed by R. STAHL in collaboration with a leading U.S. pharmaceutical firm. A special clean room power plug and receptacle panels have been designed with smooth flanges to prevent bacteria contamination. Clean room panels facilitate quick process transitions and ensure safe working environments.


We invite you to learn more about our products and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The following articles, which have appeared in the Ex Magazine, our annual publication, document a variety of our capabilities and historical projects.