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Mobile Conveyor Control Systems

Learn how DynaGen controllers, Tyro radio remote control and Messenger telemetry products can be used to create an integrated control solution. Mobile Conveyors Provide Flexibility and Efficiency Mobile conveyors are widely used in agriculture, aggregate production, construction, and mining and offer a range of benefits that can be greatly enhanced with wireless automation and tight […]

Optimize Equipment Operations with Remote Monitoring

Enhance equipment performance and streamline operations with the power of telemetry. Remote monitoring technology enables businesses to monitor and manage large, dispersed equipment fleets from anywhere. It allows you to remotely track your equipment, measure performance, and receive critical warnings and alerts. The result is maximized equipment uptime and greatly reduced field service labor and overhead costs. By […]

Dependable electronics are an absolute necessity in hazardous environments. However, the combination of combustible gases or dust with an arc or a spark from these products can potentially cause devastating fires or explosions. Whether you are at the chemical plant, on your oil platform or offshore drilling rig, in your mill, or somewhere equally as […]

Redefining Rugged: HBM’s SoMat eDAQ Data Acquisition System with Mike Ellis

“Elevated shock and vibration levels, even violently spraying hydraulic fluid during testing are no match for this rugged, mobile data acquisition system.” Mike Ellis, a Project Engineer with Gates Corporation (currently with Anderson Controls), the United States Customer Solutions Center focusing on Advanced Product Technology, and his team were recently in the field collecting hydraulic […]

Dry Run Protection by Level Detection with Clever Level

The CleverLevel® level switch protects the pump from running dry during the filling and emptying of the tank or pipe. Especially in processes where foam can occur the sensor must decide if the media is just foam or liquid. Conventional sensors have problems detecting these conditions. Assure pump safety Reliable working ignores adhesions and foam Long […]