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Dry Run Protection by Level Detection with Clever Level

The CleverLevel® level switch protects the pump from running dry during the filling and emptying of the tank or pipe. Especially in processes where foam can occur the sensor must decide if the media is just foam or liquid. Conventional sensors have problems detecting these conditions. Assure pump safety Reliable working ignores adhesions and foam Long […]

The Trailer Life Meter can convert your trailer buyers into repeat customers.

  Here’s how … Trailer maintenance can become like vehicle maintenance When your truck is due for an oil change, the service center is going to rotate your tire, and you know it’s time because you glance at your odometer. You don’t worry about how many times you’ve used the truck. You don’t search for […]

Wireless Anti-Two Block switch

Anderson Controls is pleased to announce the general availability of their Wireless Anti-Two Block switch. This Wireless ATB is designed to be a simple cost-effective replacement for traditional ATB systems. With a quick installation, it is an easy way to remove the headaches associated with the wires, rusted contact, and loose springs of traditional ATB […]