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Magnetically or RFID-coded safety sensors provide contactless security for doors, hoods and flaps

For any machine requiring a fixed guard-door or cover, the YSR series ensures reliable state monitoring (door open or closed). Thanks to their serial connection capability, YSR types are particularly suitable for applications using multiple sensors, such as long packaging or assembly lines. These RFID-coded devices are classified type 4 according to ISO 14119. RFID […]

SAFETINEX light curtains

To speed up delivery to our North American customers, Contrinex is now manufacturing our highly popular SAFETINEX line of light curtains in the USA! Each Safetinex product is hand-assembled, tested for quality and accuracy, pressurized and verified right in our newly expanded Texas location. Call (866) 289 2899 to order your kit today. WATCH VIDEO NOW…  […]

Dry Run Protection by Level Detection with Clever Level

The CleverLevel® level switch protects the pump from running dry during filling and emptying of the tank or pipe. Especially in processes where foam can occur the sensor must decide if the media is just foam or liquid. Conventional sensors have problems detecting these conditions. Assure pump safety Reliable working ignores adhesions and foam Long life cycle […]