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Temperature Sensors for the Medical Industry

  Pyromation makes precise, highly-accurate sensors used in the medical industry. Many of these assemblies are sanitary Clean-In-Place (CIP) sensors that are available with transmitters and thermowell protection and are 3-A approved. Besides being precise in temperature measurement, some of the sensors are designed for fast response times – critical in laboratories and environmental chambers. More rugged sensors are available for use in the high-temperature […]

RANGER Bellypack Systems overview

Bellypack RANGER Systems Product page: RANGER Remote Control Systems for Hydraulics  Our belly pack RANGER systems are a simple, cost-effective way to retrofit a wireless remote on a manual hydraulic system with 4 to 6 axes of variable speed control. The package is supplied with electrical actuators to stroke the valves in both directions, and all […]

Handheld RANGER 3 Systems overview

Handheld RANGER 3 Systems Product page: Handheld RANGER Systems Our handheld RANGER systems are a dead-simple, cost-effective way to retrofit a wireless remote on a manual hydraulic system. We couple a linear actuator per valve section with a wireless receiver that drives the actuator directly in both directions, and a handheld wireless transmitter that controls the […]

Magnetically or RFID-coded safety sensors provide contactless security for doors, hoods and flaps

For any machine requiring a fixed guard-door or cover, the YSR series ensures reliable state monitoring (door open or closed). Thanks to their serial connection capability, YSR types are particularly suitable for applications using multiple sensors, such as long packaging or assembly lines. These RFID-coded devices are classified type 4 according to ISO 14119. RFID […]