SAFETINEX light curtains

To speed up delivery to our North American customers, Contrinex is now manufacturing our highly popular SAFETINEX line of light curtains in the USA! Each Safetinex product is hand-assembled, tested for quality and accuracy, pressurized and verified right in our newly expanded Texas location. Call (866) 289 2899 to order your kit today.


The newly developed YBB Type 2 series comprises a complete range of 30 mm resolution hand protection devices for all your Type 2, PL c, SIL 1 applications.
The rugged aluminum housing and PMMA screen are suitable for applications in almost any kind of industrial environments. Quick and simple installation is achieved by 5-pin M12 connector, integrated alignment aids, and the mounting brackets also included.

  • Robust housing
  • Simple wiring and installation
  • Protective heights from 150 mm to 1827 mm
  • Operating distance up to 12 m


  • Supply voltage: 24 VDC +/-20%
  • Protection class: IP 65 + IP 67
  • Operating temperature: 0…50°C
  • Safety rating: Type 2, category 2, PL c, SIL 1
  • Resolution: 30 mm
  • Output: 2 x PNP
  • Certification: TÜV SÜD, CE

Labeling machines
For the operators of fully automated product labeling machines, the hazard involved is mostly slight.
If the result of the risk assessment allows the use of a Type 2 / PL c / SIL 1 safety light curtain, a protected machine opening can be used to interrupt the conveyor or material feeding as well as the labeling process itself as soon as an operator reaches into the protective field of the light curtain.
Furthermore, the same installation can be used to detect a material jam or products that have tipped over.

  • Simple wiring with standard M12 connectors
  • Ingress protection degree IP 65 + IP 67
  • Easy-to-use mounting brackets included

Pick-and-place robots
Many pick and place tasks are performed with the help of small robots, which represent a relatively modest hazard to staff. If the result of the risk assessment allows the use of a Type 2 / PL c / SIL 1 safety light curtain, the robot arm movements can simply be stopped if an operator reaches into the process during operation.
This then protects very effectively both the operator and the machinery.

  • Cost-effective and safe solution
  • Robust mechanical design
  • Operating distance up to 12 m

Laser cutting machines with moving tables
Laser cutters with fast-moving tables holding the working pieces represent a risk to machine operators. A safety light curtain can be considered to prevent people from reaching into or entering the ongoing process. In case of intrusion during a potentially dangerous phase, table movement can be stopped promptly.
If the result of the risk assessment allows the use of a Type 2 / PL c / SIL 1 safety light curtain, the protection is very effective. In addition, a direct view onto the working process is possible with no physical barriers that complicate access to the machine or finished parts.

  • Protective heights available from 150 mm to 1827 mm
  • Quick response time allows installation close to the working process
  • Mirror columns available for multi-side protection