Zone 1 Hazardous Area Rated Incremental Encoders


Zone 1 Hazardous Area Rated Incremental Encoders

The new EN42 hollow-shaft and EN44 hub-shaft incremental encoders eliminate the cost, guess work and hassle of installing a barrier thanks to encapsulated electronics. The EN series offers ATEX, CSA and IECEx triple certification and a powerful signal driver for universal use in oil & gas equipment applications.

en-series-atex-csa-iecex-certsATEX, CSA, IECEx Triple Certified

With enforcement of regional certifications on the rise, the EN series is a flexible solution for zone 1 use with ATEX, CSA and IECEx certifications. The EN series also offers the industry’s leading operating temperature range of -50° to 100° C.


High Power Line Driver Available

The EN series offers a high power mosfet line driver (10-30 VDC) is for applications requiring a long cable run to ensure reliable signal output without sacrificing performance.

en-series-wiringEasy to Install with No I.S. Barrier Needed

Both the EN42 and EN44 offer encapsulated electronics with increased safety interface for zone 1 use eliminating the need for a separate I.S. barrier and the guesswork to install one. The EN44 also offers a standard B100 mounting flange and integrated double helix coupling for easy installation.

EN42 Hollowshaft


EN44 Hubshaft


1 to 5,000 PPR 1024 or 2,048 PPR
Hollow Shaft Hubshaft Style Mount With 6 Mounting Holes on the Face
Bore Size Options: 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″, 15 mm, 16mm Bore Size Option: 16mm
Max Operating Speed 3,600 RPM Max Operating Speed 6,000 RPM
50G Shock and 20G Vibration Tolerant 50G Shock and 20G Vibration Tolerant
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multicon AccuDrive – Baumer

Now format alignments are as easy as snapping your fingers … multicon AccuDrive

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  • Minimized machine editing time
  • Quick and reliable format realignments
  • Elimination of editing errors
  • Minor reject rate after format realignments

Baumer designed a flexible shaft positioning system with several configurations and different stages of automation that adapts to individual needs. The single system components can also be implemented in combination with each other at one and the same machine. Electronic support in manual operations is as possible as automated positioning by servo drives AccuDrive now fills the gap between mechanical hand wheels and servo drives and is the perfect solution for partially automated format alignments at wood and metal sheet processing, packaging and printing machines.
The mobile actuator looks like a power tool and is capable of communicating by infrared interface with position displays directly mounted on the positioning shafts. Status LEDs indicate the operator which shaft requires realignment and in which positioning order. Any mix-ups and resulting collisions are eliminated, furthermore handling is very easy. The power tool is simply docked to the shaft to be positioned, and the respective position display transmits the commands for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation or slow speed. When reaching the target position the power tool stops automatically.
This means a considerable improvement to the operator, especially when a format implies many shaft align-ments. Result: less manual work and improved machine performance by reduced set-up times. The position-ing operation is always in correct direction (for example shaft tolerance compensation) and formats become electronically reproducible profiles less any risk of editing errors. The positioning system comprises a compact controller capable of administering up to 100 profiles that are made available for later recalls to maximum 32 position displays. The position displays provide a 7 segment backlit display easy to read even at diffuse light.
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HS35: More than an all-American product – Baumer

HS35: More than an all-American product
Originally conceived for the North American Market, HS 35 now reveals a general interest in the “all-American guy”, especially in India and China. We are convinced that also Italy and more European countries offer a considerable market potential for this encoder platform.
HS 35 is available as sine wave configuration as well as programmable and non-programmable with rectangular signals. To learn more, download the product brochure (PDF 1,9 MB).
bg-datenblatt_hs35 bg-industries MS_teaser-download_HS35


Product series


for a variety of applications


Rail, Light Rail, Buses, Trucks & Support Equipment – Weschler Meters

Commercial transportation is a target industry for Weschler products.  Diesel electric locomotives use analog meters and digital meters to monitor generator and motor condition, as well as the status of other on-board systems.  We manufacture special illuminated and ruggedized meters to display vehicle speed in the cab.
Buses and heavy duty trucks benefit from the ruggedness and reliability of Weschler indicators.  Our gauges provide accurate readout of vehicle speed, motor RPM, engine temperature, fuel level, hydraulic pressure and other parameters.  Many models can be interfaced to on-board data loggers and telemetry systems.
Emergency vehicles incorporate a combination of digital and analog meters – in fire engine pumper controls, ambulance monitor panel and other vehicle sub-systems.
Weschler products are used in the construction and maintenance of roadways and rail lines.  Asphalt paving machines track temperatures and feed rates with Weschler digital instrumentation.  Concrete batch plants monitor and control mixing operations with our analog & digital meters.   Meters and transducers are used to monitor motor currents on heavy off-road construction equipment.
Weschler Instruments – Indicators & Meters for the Bus IndustryWeschler Instruments – Indicators & Meters for the Railroad IndustryWeschler Instruments – Indicators & Meters for Emergency Vehicles
Locomotive & Transit Meters (pdf)
Weschler Products
Weschler Instruments – Indicators & Meters for the Light Rail IndustryWeschler Instruments – Indicators & Meters for the Trucking IndustryWeschler Instruments – Indicators & Meters for the Construction Industry


Servo Motor – HaroMax Resolver

topban-servoServo Motor

In the fiercely competitive servo motor market, OEMs are driven by cost efficiency and prefer electronic motion control and feedback solutions for their integration ease that provide high efficiency, small size, and high torque technology at an attractive price.The use of servo motor has been growing rapidly thanks to their affordable price tag. As a viable alternative to pneumatic, hydraulic, and some electromechanical forms of motion and positioning control, servo units have been used in a variety of applications, including robotics, XYZ tables, factory automation, and related precision control operations in production facilities worldwide.
aboutind-servomotorDynapar standardized and customized brand motor mount encoders and Harowe brand resolvers are reliable, affordable and extremely compact in size to enable production personnel to monitor critical motor speed and position parameters within their motion control and production applications. Accurate motor speed tracking ensures optimum machine performance and operation designed to prevent motor burnout, or worst case, costly machine shutdown.

Recommended Solutions

HaroMax Series 15

Frameless Size 15 Heavy Duty Resolvers

Because of its simple transformer design and lack of on-board electronics, resolvers are ideal for high temperature environments. The Size 15 Frameless Resolver offers up to 200C temperature rating.


AD35 Single Turn Absolute Encoder

The AD35 absolute encoder’s short mounting depth allows for installation in tight motor endbells. With up to 10,000 RPMs, this encoder is suited for high speed servo motor applications.


AD25 Absolute Encoder

A special conical shaft for concentric motor mounting are one of the key features that differentiate this product from other servo motor encoders on the market today. With up to 22 bits of singleturn absolute positioning it is the perfect fit for low speed motor performance.