IO-Link from Baumer – Clever employment of smart sensors

IO-Link – Clever employment of smart sensors
The new communication standard IO-Link opens up a lot of interesting possibilities in industry automation. Parameters as measuring range or switching distance can be easily transmitted from master to sensor. Vice-versa, the sensor provides process and diagnostic data like the soiling degree of a photoelectric sensor to the operator.
The benefits for the user are quite obvious: Less installation and maintenance effort and expenses, reduced operating costs and improved process reliability. Their new IO-Link capable sensors allow Baumer to demonstrate the enormous potential behind this technology.
The operating modes

In SIO mode…
operates the sensor like a conventional equivalent. Measured values and switching states are transmitted to the control via digital or analog outputs.
In IO-Link mode…
serves the digital sensor output as bidirectional, serial interface for measured value and diagnostic data exchange. In this mode the sensor parameters can be re-configured.
20131024-112314.jpgFADK 14 – Photoelectric distance sensor
Retrieving pre-information on due maintenance
Defining the sensing range
Assigning function of the switching output
Activating calculation of average value
20131024-112259.jpg20131024-112259.jpgIWRM 12Z – Inductive linear sensor
Analog output: define sensing range
Switching output: define switching points
Switching output: switching window / edge
20131024-112251.jpgFHDK 04 – Photoelectric sensor
Switching output: Light / dark operate
Switching output: Switching edge / impulse
Minimum impulse duration / switching delay