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OM70 High Performance Laser Distance Sensors

OM70 laser line High-Performance Sensors for demanding surfaces The new high performance OM70 laser point and laser line distance sensors from Baumer combine high-precision measurement technology and easy handling in the automation industry. Thanks to repeatable measurements in the sub-micrometer range and minimal linearity deviations, the sensors enable reliable measurement of components as well as … Continue reading OM70 High Performance Laser Distance Sensors

Angular measurement in harsh environments

The compact GIM500R inclination sensors in robust aluminum housing are ideal for use in harsh environments. When it comes to tough outdoor use, many sensors reach their limits. Inclination sensors by sensor expert Baumer stand for maximum reliability and durability even in a harsh environment. Thanks to the extremely robust and resilient design, the new … Continue reading Angular measurement in harsh environments

Inductive Factor 1 Sensors

Constant distance towards any metal Inductive Factor 1 sensors offer the great benefit of maintaining the same sensing distance towards all metals. Unlike standard sensors where this value changes, depending on the material. The benefits of Factor 1 sensors are obvious: This uniform distance offers outstanding flexibility in system conception and sensor installation. Contrary to … Continue reading Inductive Factor 1 Sensors

Encoders For Medical Imaging

  Thanks to advancements in medical imaging technology in recent decades, doctors are now able to capture in seconds what used to take hours for diagnosis. MRI is a noninvasive diagnostic technique that uses nuclear magnetic resonance to produce cross-sectional images of organs and other internal body structures. Dynapar offers a range of industry duty … Continue reading Encoders For Medical Imaging

Inductive M12 sensor measures contact-free with 4 nanometer resolution

The resolution of Baumer’s IPRM 12 inductive sensor has been significantly improved. The sensor now measures with a resolution of up to 4 nm, which is to date unmatched in its class. With this performance, it constitutes the ideal solution for monitoring concentricity and vibration of shafts or high precision measurements of manufacturing tolerances and … Continue reading Inductive M12 sensor measures contact-free with 4 nanometer resolution

Servo Motor – HaroMax Resolver

Servo Motor In the fiercely competitive servo motor market, OEMs are driven by cost efficiency and prefer electronic motion control and feedback solutions for their integration ease that provide high efficiency, small size, and high torque technology at an attractive price.The use of servo motor has been growing rapidly thanks to their affordable price tag. … Continue reading Servo Motor – HaroMax Resolver

OPEN CCTV Systems for hazardous areas

Camera Systems provides a complete camera portfolio for industrial process monitoring and security surveillance for hazardous and industrial areas. Due to our innovative SNF*-technology, all cameras are considerably lighter than any existing ones, and extremely robust. Almost all of our cameras are designed for operation in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +75°C, even our … Continue reading OPEN CCTV Systems for hazardous areas

Green Energy – Meters from Weschler

Energy management and energy conservation start with the ability to monitor power and energy use.   For electrical systems, this involves measuring DC or AC power (Watts, VA, VAr) or energy (Wh, VAh, VArh). In fixed installations, digital meters offer a range of display formats, capabilities & sizes. Single display power/energy meters start at $150.  Multiple display … Continue reading Green Energy – Meters from Weschler