Harowe R25 Heavy Duty Brushless Resolvers

The better choice over encoders for applications that involve very high temperature, vibration and shock and/or dirty environments.

Key Features:

  • Rugged Housing with IP65 Rating
  • Spaced Bearings for up to 10x the Life of Traditional Duplex Bearings
  • Withstands 200g Shock and 40g Vibration

Product Description

Inertia: 0.0040 oz-in-sec\2
Friction: 2 oz-in (5 oz-in w/shaft seal)
Shaft Load (max): 40 lb (axial), 60 lb (radial)
Shaft Material: #416 S/S
Play (max): Radial: .0015 in @ 1 lb load; End: .005 in @ 5 lb load
Bearing Life: 2 x 10\8 revs at rated shaft loading

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