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BG2 Nuclear Qualified Meters by Weschler

High Reliability Digital Bargraph Meters

• Designed for use in nuclear power plants and other severe environments
• High intensity LED display with separately adjustable bar & digit brightness
• RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet & USB communication options
• Linearization tables for normalizing non-linear signals
• Differential inputs and programmable signal averaging
• Bar separately scaled & configurable for normal, expanded scale, dual slope & point representations
• Wide power supply options with minimum 3kV isolation
• Four high-capacity relays configurable for hystersis, failsafe & delayed operation • Dual analog retransmit outputs, selectable volts or mA
• Pluggable, screw anchored terminal connections


Weschler Digital BarGraph Meters

These switchboard meters and edgewise meters provide a bright, easy-to-read display of current, voltage, power, or other process parameters. Use visible setpoints to quickly show process status.   Order optional relay outputs for alarms or control.  Models and sizes are available to replace the most popular analog instruments.

Made in the USA


Weschler Transformer Advantage

Transformer Advantage

Transformer Temperature Monitoring and Control

• Direct Oil Temperature
• Calculated or Simulated Winding Temperatures
• LTC Temperature Difference (LTC Models)
• Loss of Life (Insulation Aging) Option
• Single, Dual and Three RTD Units
• Multi-Stage Fan/Pump Control with Readback
• Auxiliary Analog & Digital Inputs
• Weatherproof NEMA 4X Metal Case
• SCADA Ready – Analog, Digital, DNP3, Modbus
• Enhanced Windows Setup & Monitoring Software


Rail, Light Rail, Buses, Trucks & Support Equipment – Weschler Meters

Commercial transportation is a target industry for Weschler products.  Diesel electric locomotives use analog meters and digital meters to monitor generator and motor condition, as well as the status of other on-board systems.  We manufacture special illuminated and ruggedized meters to display vehicle speed in the cab. Buses and heavy duty trucks benefit from the ruggedness and reliability […]


Green Energy – Meters from Weschler

Energy management and energy conservation start with the ability to monitor power and energy use.   For electrical systems, this involves measuring DC or AC power (Watts, VA, VAr) or energy (Wh, VAh, VArh). In fixed installations, digital meters offer a range of display formats, capabilities & sizes. Single display power/energy meters start at $150.  Multiple display […]