Hubodometers from Veeder-Root

Performance when it counts!

A Veeder-Root hubodometer is a robust, sealed device that is attached to a commercial truck, trailer or farm machine axle to record miles or kilometers.

  • Unsurpassed for performance, reliability and accuracy
  • For tracking leasing or maintenance miles, Veeder-Root sets the standard
  • Backed by long-term warranty
  • American made since 1895


Product Description

Veeder-Root hubodometers are used to record distance or area covered by rolling stock, primarily commercial Over-The-Road trailers, large buses and agricultural equipment.

They record every revolution in either direction. The design uses a counterbalance to prevent orbiting (which could stop measurement or undercount the distance) ensuring accurate counts at high speeds or rough terrain.One model for any machine ever made! Truck axle tough, digital-data accurate and the Rite-Trak gives you all the benefits that matter.


  • Drop your inventory: Replace your bloated inventory with just one standard unit to handle all of your machine sizes. Simply program in the number of revolutions per acre/hectare. Digital electronic circuitry allows rapid and easy configuration anywhere, without the need for a specialized programming instrument. You can count on its single, standard model for a perfect match to virtually any machine.
  • Error free display: Large, high contrast display always remains upright position providing easy, reliable and highly accurate data collection.
  • Extended record keeping: Separate Trip and Lifetime totals permit specialized record keeping methods. Rite-Trak’s setup features include capturing distance data as acres or hectares.
  • Secure, reliable operation: 5-Year Warranty – no acre/hectare limitation. Security features include serial number viewing via the display as well as tamperproof setup scheme. Only one moving part for increased reliability. Secure lockout feature. Changes to the unit’s setup can be permanently disabled to prevent tampering. May be preset to any starting value.


  • Display: LCD, 7 digits, 0.45″ high (11.43mm)
  • Housing: Zinc, diecast
  • Programming: Simple procedure using only the tool included with the Landmeter

 Click to view the Veeder-Root Hubodometer Tire Selection Guide in *.pdf format

 Model RT1000 Electronic Hubodometer

  • Rite-Trak’s setup features include capturing distance data as miles or kilometers
  • Simply program in the number of revolutions per mile or kilometer.
  • 5-Year Warranty – no mile/kilometer limitation.




THE ORIGINAL Series 7777 Mechanical Hubodometer

  • Magnifying crystal angles upward for easier reading
  • Hermetically sealed with inert gas and double O-ring
  • Counterbalance prevents orbiting – even on rough roads
  • 300,000 mile/500,000 kilometer warranty (no time limit)



Veeder-Root is proud to announce that we can now private label both our electronic and mechanical hubodometers bringing you the performance you know you can rely on as well as the personalization you need to grow your business.

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pdf Click to view the Veeder-Root Hubodometer Tire Selection Guide in *.pdf format

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