Product Description

Temperature Monitor & Cooling Control- Transformer Advantage – Weschler Instruments

 Advanced Electronic Temperature Monitor (ETM)

  • Direct Oil Temperature
  • Simulated Winding Temperature
  • Calculated Winding Temperature (CT Models)
  • LTC Temperature Difference (LTC Models)
  • Single, Dual and Three Channel Units
  • Analog & Digital Inputs
  • Multi-Stage Fan/Pump control
  • Weatherproof Metal Case
  • SCADA Ready – DNP3.0 & Modbus Protocols

Made in USA

The Transformer Advantage is a precision temperature monitor for liquid immersed power and distribution transformers. It is rugged, fully electronic and field configurable. With Transformer Advantage, users can extend transformer life, utilize maximum capacity and reduce maintenance costs.

Seven models in the Advantage line offer a range of functions and configurations. All use an accurate and stable platinum temperature sensor (RTD) to precisely measure critical liquid temperatures. Setpoint relays can activate alarms or multiple stages of cooling at different temperatures.

Transformer Advantage SC, Transformer Advantage DC, Transformer Advantage TC, Transformer Advantage CT, Transformer Advantage CTX, Transformer Advantage CT/LTC, Transformer Advantage LTC (More)

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