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baumer_passion_for_sensors_logo_650OR 18 – reliable and cost-efficient object detection in compact industrial standard housings

With its robust M18 photoelectric sensors, Baumer offers a wide portfolio of different sensor principles and light sources for cost-efficient and reliable use in industrial environments.

  • Object and presence detection in industrial automation
  • Object detection on conveyor belts
  • Goods flow monitoring
  • Counting (differently colored) objects
  • Packaging industry
  • Installation and handling technology
  • Storage technology/materials handling

Product Description

Background suppression:
·         Very precise, sharp object identification
·         Detection irrespective of background, shape and surface finish of the objects
·         External Teach and g Teach
·         Baumer PinPoint LED

1. Comfortable and fast teaching procedure with ferromagnetic tool (q Teach); secure and wear free.
2. Comfortable thanks to display LEDs visible from all sides.
3.  Maximum flexibility thanks to uniform housing design for two technologies (ultrasonic and optoelectronic).
4.  Sealed housing for absolute impermeability.
5.  Exact positioning and detection of small parts thanks to Baumer PinPoint LED


Diffuse sensor with background suppression – precise and extremely color-independent:
·         Detects objects with various shapes and surfaces even more reliably
·         Extremely color-independent diffuse sensor with background suppression
·         Standard LED or Baumer PinPoint LED for all accuracy requirements


·         A range of up to 200mm
·         Increased power reserves for reliable operation in demanding conditions
·         Easy and reliable commissioning with q Teach
·         Precise detection of small parts Baumer PinPoint LED
·         High safety: no safety measures necessary
·         Maximum flexibility thanks to uniform housing design for two technologies
·         Safe and wear-free – no moving parts
·         Space saving system planning and installation thanks to compact housing



Diffuse sensors with background suppression

  • Baumer PinPoint LED, standard LED and laser (class 1)
  • External teach and qTeach™ or potentiometer
  • Fixed focus for reliable detection of shiny objects
  • Range of up to 200 mm

SmartReflect® light barriers without reflectors

  • Baumer PinPoint LED
  • Reliable detection of different materials
  • Also suitable for environments subject to heavy soiling
  • External teach and qTeach

Diffuse sensors with intensity difference

  • Infrared LED and laser (class 1)
  • Easy adjustment via potentiometer
  • Range of up to 800 mm
  • Laser for precise object detection

Retro-reflective sensors

  • Standard LED and laser (class 1)
  • Long range of up to 15 m
  • Response times < 0.34 ms
  • Detection of transparent objects

Through beam sensors

  • Infrared and laser (class 1)
  • Range of up to 55 m
  • Regulation of transmit power via potentiometer

Stainless steel sensors for demanding environments

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Washdown design IP 69K
  • Chemically resistant PMMA front


  • Connectors
  • Sensofix 18 series
  • Mounting brackets
  • Alignment brackets
  • Reflectors

pdf OR18 Product Sheet Download

pdfOR18 Overview

  • Low system design, purchase, installation and setup costs thanks to standard housing design
  • Robust, IP 69K stainless steel sensors for safe use in demanding environments
  • Process safety and minimum maintenance costs thanks to robust design
  • No additional protective measures necessary thanks to laser class 1 designation
  • Easy and safe setup thanks to the intuitive, wear-free qTeach™ procedure
  • Robust plastic and stainless steel housings
  • Available in five sensor principles for different application requirements
  • Long range of up to 55 meters (through beam sensors)
  • Laser class 1 sensors for detection of very small parts
  • Fixed focus for reliable detection of semi-transparent and shiny objects (in diffuse sensors with background suppression)
  • Short response times of <0.34 ms
  • SmartReflect® light barriers without reflectors in M18 housings

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