NextGen O500 and O300

Your advantages at one glance:

  • Time and cost savings in installation with qTarget®
  • Easy-to-operate, safe and wear-free thanks to teaching procedure qTeach®
  • OneBox Design® for high level of planning flexibility
  • Increased power reserves for reliable operation in demanding conditions


Product Description

 The new performance categories in optical sensor technology

Maximum safety, flexibility and comfort two sizes

The optoelectronic O300 and O500 sensors provide highest precision, reliability and performance and set new benchmarks in terms of safety and comfort. Whether you have to deal with tight spots or require extended ranges, O300 and O500 sensors are always the best solution for a variety of applications thanks to the identical and extensive performance level in two sizes and three housing designs.

The new stainless steel variants with IO-Link interface for the hygienic and washdown area offer maximum robustness. The unique Baumer impermeability concept proTect+ ensures an extended sensor service life and maximum process reliability.

  • Time and cost savings in installation with qTarget
  • Easy-to-operate, safe and wear-free thanks to teaching procedure qTeach®
  • OneBox Design® for high level of planning flexibility
  • Increased power reserves for reliable operation in demanding conditions
  • Automated sensor parameterization for fast format changes, monitoring and diagnostics thanks to IO-Link

Developed for many industries.


Packaging industry

With the NextGen series we are setting new benchmarks with regard to reliability and convenience, thus meeting the challenges of the packaging industry in an ideal way.

  • Convenience when changing format thanks to qTeach™ and IO-Link
  • Reliability thanks to high reserve capacity and speed
Installation and automation

When it comes to required features like precision, reliability and compact design, the NextGen series offers optimum solutions for object detection and positioning.

  • Ideal for object recognition and positioning
  • Accuracy thanks to speed
  • Reliable recognition even with small objects Reliable object detection
  • Keyhole Optic (retro-reflective sensor): Reliable detection at close range, from the smallest of openings up to 4mm
  • Cascading (SmartReflect and background suppressor)
  • Prevents mutual interference of sensors positioned next to each other
  • Reliable object detection in the most confined spaces
  • Consistently high excess gain even at close range
Semiconductor industry
  • Compact design for use in tight spaces
  • Precise, reliable object recognition


Transparency detection

  • 1 sensor for trays, bottles and foils
  • 1.000 mm range without reflector
  • Fast response time of 0,25 ms
  • Fast format changes with IO-Link

Hygienic- and washdown design

  • EHEDG-certified, FDA-compliant, Ecolab-tested
  • Robust (IP69K and Baumer proTect+)
  • IO-Link

O300 / O500 with IO-Link

  • Automated parameter setting for fast format changes
  • Process optimization via diagnostic and monitoring functionality
  • Cost reduction thanks to predictive maintenance

O300 / O500 Diffuse sensor with intensity difference

  • Ideal solutions for black and white distinction
  • Relatively large active range
  • Positioning and monitoring with just one sensor
  • Easy installation

O300 / O500 Diffuse sensor with background suppression

  • Largely independent of color
  • Detection of small, quickly moving objects thanks to short response times
  • Fast and precise adjustment  thanks to highly visible red light

O300 / O500 Retro-reflective sensor

  • Reliable detection of objects located at any position on a conveyor belt
  • Detection through small openings
  • Detection of fast moving objects (Response times of 0,05 ms)

O300 / O500 SmartReflect – the light barrier without reflector

  • Reliable object detection independent of color, shape or surface
  • Fast and easy commissioning
  • Reduced downtimes thanks to absence of reflector

O300/O500 Trough Beam Sensor

  • Large range up to 25 meter
  • Detection of fast moving objects (response time of 0,49 ms)
  • High excess gain
From conception to maintenance – Baumer provides the perfect solution
  • Sensor principle and light source can also be specified at a later stage thanks to Baumer OneBox Design.
  • Easy design-in with the aid of 3D models, with integrated optical axis.
  • Wide portfolio of technologies, sensor principles and light sources.
  • Fast installation thanks to  qTarget with precisely aligned light beam and reliable commissioning with  qTeach.
  • Maximum operational stability through increased power reserves, i.a. thanks to  Aline technology.
  • Easy access to technical data and operating manuals on the internet via QR code.



NextGen O300/O500


O500 – The new performance category in optical sensor technology
O500 – Key principles and key features
O500 with SmartRelfect
O500 with background suppression
O500 retro-reflective

Standard LED:
The diffuse light spot is especially suited for object detection during parts feeding.

Baumer PinPoint LED:
A small, homogeneous light spot with sharp edges makes PinPoint ideal for exact positioning and detection of small parts.

Infrared LED:
Light spot is not visible to the human eye.

Diffuse sensor with background suppression

Diffuse sensor with background suppression

Diffuse sensor with background suppression

Light sensor with intensity difference

Retro-reflective sensor

Retro-reflective sensor

Smartreflect™ Light barrier

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Diffuse sensor with background suppression – precise and extremely color-independent

  • Aline technology – for maximum capacity and efficiency
  • Detects objects with various shapes and surfaces even more reliably
  • Extremely color-independent diffuse sensor with background suppression
  • Standard LED or Baumer PinPoint LED for all accuracy requirements

Your benefits: Maximum functional reliability during object detection

SmartReflect – The light barrier without a reflector

  • Highly reliable object detection thanks to the sensor principle
  • No separate receiver/reflector required

Your benefits: No downtimes due to defective reflectors

Retro-reflective sensor – the light barrier also for reflective surfaces

  • Consistently high excess gain in typical applications up to 2 m
  • Red light or PinPoint for all accuracy requirements

Your benefits: Longer service life thanks to increased dirt resistance

Diffuse sensors with intensity difference – easy detection of light objects in front of dark backgrounds

  • Easy installation thanks to visible spot
  • Fast due to short response time
  • Suitable to discern black and white
  • Variety of sensing distances depending on the reflective properties of the object surface
  • Relatively large active range
  • Wide field of application for standard detection like differentiation and sorting of objects (e.g. by size, degree of reflection), counting of objects or check presence check (e.g. of a paper stack)
  • Cost-effective – positioning and monitoring with just one sensor

Your benefit: the reasonable solution for standard object detection