My-Com® – Precision mechanical switches

Micrometer precision: 70 times more accurate than a hair is thick!

With a repeat accuracy of 1 micron, the My-Com® remains undisputedly the most accurate and most compact mechanical switch in the world. The standard My-Com® range of the most diverse mechanical and electric types largely reflects the requirements of the market. With its extremely compact design, the My-Com® can also be easily integrated in very constrained surroundings.

Product Description

  • Manufactured by Baumer
  • Used for ultra-precise positioning tasks
  • Highest repeatability mechanical switch available
  • Repeatability is 1 micron (40 millionths of an inch)
  • Wide array of actuator styles and materials
  • Square and tubular housings,
  • IP67
  • Front and side-facing actuators



      • My-Coms of protection class IP 67
      • Selection of activating pins made of steel, ruby & zirconium oxide


Purely mechanical 

  • Different housing shapes
  • Zirconium oxide activating pin
  • Normally closed (NC)


With amplifier 

  • PNP/NPN three-wire design
  • Normally open (NO)
  • 50 mA maximum switching current


For lateral approach 

  • Spherical steel activating pin
  • Lateral approach angle 30° max
  • Effective direction NO or NC



Baumer offers more high-precision sensing solutions in more technology groups than any other company in the world! Baumer can handle simple monitoring applications up to complex remote wireless intelligence systems.

Engineers are on staff to assist you with your applications!

Activating force
Depending on the My-Com type an activating force in the range of 30 cN to 100 cN is required to open the switch. Special versions may require up to 250 cN.

My-Coms featuring an IP 67 protection class are usually sealed with a bellow type silicone gasket.

Actuator tip
The actuator tip of a standard My-Com is made of zirconium oxyde ZrO2. Hard metal or ruby is used for a selected number of special types.


pdf-download My-Com Precision Switch Brochure

pdf-download My-Com Switches brochure

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