Wireless DC Motor Controller

Product Description

Our solid-state DC Motor Driver is a highly-ruggedized control platform for variable-speed DC motor control. With high-current, factory bridgeable outputs, it can be used to control either four 25A DC motors (45A peak), two 50A DC motors (90A peak), single 100A motor (180A peak), 8(25A) proportional or on/off outputs suitable for hydraulic valves and other industrial equipment. In addition to the motor control outputs, CANbus via J1939 is on board, and up to nine analog inputs.

Where we think the motor driver really shines is that it can be built with our wireless control modules on board, to directly accept control inputs from almost any of our wireless radio transmitters. The electronics are housed in a custom anodized aluminum chassis designed to rapidly dissipate heat, and the unit is totally encapsulated for the ultimate in shock, vibration, and all-weather resistance.

Technical Information

Height Variable
Width Variable
Depth Variable
Communication RS-232
Supply Voltage 9V to 30VDC
Analog Inputs 8 Maximum, 0-Supply Voltage (12/24VDC), 12-bit resolution with onboard +5VDC regulated analog reference for sensors. Inputs are protected for over voltage/transient spikes.
Standard Outputs 12 proportional, current controlled outputs to adjust for variation in coil resistance or input voltage. These outputs can be configured at Kar-Tech as on/off or non-regulated proportional.
Output Rating 3 amp nominal, 5 amp max.
Housing Material Nylon 6/6 black
Connector 7 wires, 18 AWG GXL in a flame retardant mesh loom.
Protection Types Epoxy-potted enclosure
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature -55°C to +100°C
Data Sheet Printable Motor Driver Data Sheet

pdf-20x20Printable Motor Driver Data Sheet