Dynapar Northstar HSD35 Hazardous Series optical encoder

Key Features:

  • UL Certified for Hazardous Applications
  • Rugged Design Resists up to 400g Shock and 20g Vibration
  • Compact Design with Field Serviceable Connector for Solder-Less Connections
  • Dual Isolated Output Option for Redundancy

Product Description

Northstar’s most rugged mill duty optical encoder.  NEW HSD35 Heavy Duty Optical Encoder – The HSD35 design includes a latching field-serviceable style connector, stainless steel shaft hub and dual split shaft clamp meeting the demands of rugged industries..

Dynapar introduces a new addition to its line of hazardous encoders offering, the rugged Hazardous Series HSD35 optical encoder. This robust encoder expands our current portfolio of hazardous series encoders which also include the AX71, EN42, EN44, ISD37, ISD25, ISW38, X25, Hazardous Series HD20, and Hazardous Series HD25, and will provide our customers with a broader choice in encoder selection for their requirements.

Certified by UL for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D; Class II, Division 2, Groups F & G operation, the Hazardous Series HSD35  was designed with certain key elements to provide more robust feedback in hazardous environments and will be available in a variety of mechanical configurations to custom fit your application.
Our Hazardous Series HSD35 features:

  • Hard anodized Aluminum housing with optional dual isolated output  for critical application redundancy.
  • More robust connector protection through terminal box with field serviceable connectors for convenient solder-less connections.
  • ABEC 3 bearings for high 400 G shock and 20 G vibration environments in tough customer applications.

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