Dynapar Series 21/22 Heavy Duty Incremetal Encoders

Quick Specs…

  • Up to 1270 PPR with marker
  • Compact 2.25″ cube shape
  • Economical design

Product Description

Standard Operating Characteristics
Resolution 1 to 3600 PPR (Pulses per revolution)
Input Power 5-25VDC; 75 mA max, not including output loads
Operating Temperature -40 to +100°C


The NEW 22 Qube encoder is designed for application in industrial environments and is stable in temperatures from 0 to +100°C

  • Measuring cut to length or size for textile, metal, lumber, and rubber industries
  • Tracking, storage and retreival, pick and place, conveying and elevating for material handling applications
  • Winding, including films, foils, wires and extrusions
  • Measuring mechanical motion for processing, labeling, filling, mixing, batching, and packaging
  • Position control, for flexible and automatic assembly equipment
  • Speed feedback for precise drive and machine monitoring and control

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