MESAX multi-spot laser distance sensor

Your advantages:

Stable, reproducible measurements, even on non-homogeneous glossy and extremely coarse surfaces.
High measuring accuracy under varying ambient light conditions
Fast and easy installation and start-up of the calibrated sensor
Compact measuring system without complicated external software.

Product Description

Stable distance measurement on shiny and extremely coarse surfaces.

With the new multi-spot laser distance sensor of the MESAX family, Baumer presents an innovative and compact measuring unit for measuring on critical surfaces – even under substantial ambient light conditions.

The compact sensor provides exact and reproducible measuring results without any complicated conversion or external software. The MESAX multi-spot sensor is the ideal solutions for a large number of applications in measuring and testing technology.

Your advantages:

  • Stable, reproducible measurements, even on non-homogeneous glossy and extremely coarse surfaces.
  • High measuring accuracy even under varying ambient light conditions
  • Fast installation and start-up of the calibrated sensor
  • Compact measuring system without complicated external software.
Baumer OADM 12 Series
Baumer OADM 20 Series
Keyence LK
Banner LG
LM 10 Series
OD Series
Meas. Distance 15 – 120 mm 30 – 1000 mm 25 – 750 mm 45 – 125 mm 40 – 400 mm 25 – 400 mm
Meas. Range Teachable
1.5 – 100 mm
1.5 – 800 mm
10 – 500 mm 15mm LG 5
50 mm LG 10
20 – 300 mm 10 – 300 mm
Resolution 2 µm* 4 µm – 120 µm* 1 µm – 50 µm* 3 µm– 150 µm* 1µm – 1.5 mm* 1 µm – 1.5 mm*
Linearity ± 6µm – 15 µm ±12 µm – ±1.2 mm ±10 µm – ±500 µm ±10 µm -± 200µm ±40 µm – ±1.2 mm 0.5% – ± 3%
Response time < 900 µs* < 900 µs* 32 – 66 ms* 1 ms – 100 ms* 1 ms – 100 ms* 1 ms – 100 ms*
Versions 2 10 3 2 7 6
Components 1 1 2 1 2 1
Size 12 x 37 x 34 mm
50 x 65 x 20 mm
76 x 95 x 32 mm
140 x 90 x 90 mm
20.1 x 55.1 x 82.3 mm
20 x 60 x 60 mm
96 x 35 x 55mm
60 x 50 x 20 mm
Price Please Call
$895 – $1995 $4600 – $6600 $895 – $945 $1500 $921
In order to limit the effects of signal noise, all laser measurement sensors perform an internal sampling (sometimes called integration or averaging). During sampling, sensors take multiple readings and average them, resulting in smoother, less error-prone outputs. In order to achieve higher resolutions, more samples must be integrated. For other manufacturers, that increase in samples also increases the response time. In short, other manufacturer’s response times increase proportionally with any improvement in resolution. While 1 µm is possible with other manufacturers, it comes with a response time as slow as 100 ms – rarely usable in a dynamic application.

The Baumer Electric OADM’s stated <900 µs response time is an absolute high, regardless of resolution and target color. The OADM will even perform at this speed on matte black targets. In fact, on an ideal target (matte white ceramic) response times can be as fast as 250 µs with no decrease in resolution! Thanks to an advanced receiving element capable of sub-pixel resolution as well as intelligent microprocessors, the OADM family from Baumer Electric offers consistent response times at all resolutions.

Distance measurement on shiny surfaces

With non-homogeneous glossy objects, the light of a laser spot reflected from the surface does not always find its way back to the optical receiver. Thanks to the multi-spot technology with over 500 measured values, there is generally enough distance information in the sensor to be able to carry out precise measurement of the distance in “Average” mode.  In this way, glossy performed parts can also be measured accurately during quality inspection.

Distance measurement on extremely coarse surfaces

Distance measurements on very rough surfaces always represent a challenge. multi-spot sensors record a large number of distance values over a defined measuring range. The sensor then calculates a precise mean value for such applications. In this way, for example, grinding disks with rough surfaces can be optimally positioned in relation to a workpiece. In this case, the measuring range can be restricted. Measurement is effected using the “Average” mode. The distance value recorded by the sensor with an absolute accuracy of less than 0.1 mm is used directly in the controller of the CNC machine.

The multi-spot measuring principle – a new level of precise distance measuring

The innovative multi-spot measuring principle by Baumer is based on optical sectioning. Up to 600 measuring values of an object are determined per measurement in the sensor, and from these values the distance is calculated using the intelligent evaluation process. Thanks to its resolution of up to 2 µm at a measuring frequency of 500 Hz, the sensor offers stable and precise measurement results.


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