Digital Inclinometer

Our fully solid-state inclinometer is in our leading line of sensors is . Our customers use it to measure angle with respect to gravity in 1, 2 or 3 axes, and we can provide various output types – CANbus via SAE-J1939 being the most, we also provide two 0.5–4.5V or 4–20mA outputs. It’s urethane potted for extreme durability and environmental reliability. They’re precise with resolution down to as low as 0.06° and accuracies of ±0.3° or better are typical, depending on output type.

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Product Description

Our standard version (A30035A) is factory programmed to switch dynamically between being a +/-90deg single axis inclinometer (for boom position) with 4-20mA output when mounted vertically (cable facing down), and a +-45deg dual axis inclinometer (for platform levelling) with dual 4-20mA output when mounted horizontally. Outputs are always available over CAN in parallel.

They’re a great fit for lots of different applications. They’re commonly used to measure boom angle, machine/platform level, bucket level, or as a basic, much more durable and economical tilt switch. They’re aggressively priced as a standalone sensor, and really easily integrated into our larger control systems.

Dual, 2 and 3 Axis Inclinometer

Height 3.52″
Width 3.50″
Depth 1.00″
Range 0-360° for rotation, ±45° for 2-axis tilt
Resolution 0.06°
Accuracy ±0.3°
Output 0.5 to 4.5, 4–20mA, CAN, SAE-J1939
Housing Material Encapsulated UL94 ABS plastic
Operating Temperature -40° to +85° C
Storage Temperature -50° to +100° C
Ingress Protection IP67
Supply Voltage 9-30VDC
Supply Current 25mA for CAN and Voltage outputs. 70mA for 4–20mA outputs.
Protection Types Reverse polarity, over-voltage
Data Sheet Printable Solid State Inclinometer Data Sheet

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