Remote Condition Monitoring – Monitor Any Asset Affordably‎

Cut costs and boost productivity with a condition-monitoring tool designed for ease of use and scalability. The OnSite™ system is a powerful predictive maintenance system targeted at preventing failures before they occur. It can slash unscheduled downtime, improve the efficiency of route-based vibration analysis, and provide real-time analytics and trending to warn of possible machine failures.


Product Description

Transform Your Operations with 24/7 Remote Condition Monitoring

In these days of lean staffing, maintenance already has far too much to do. Continuous monitoring lets technicians reclaim the hours they would otherwise spend circling from asset to asset to record data that is statistically unlikely to prove meaningful. Tracking condition remotely cuts risk by reducing the need to access equipment in hard-to-reach or dangerous locations. It increases operational equipment effectiveness (OEE) and allows engineers to focus on preventing and solving problems rather than performing rote work.

From Route-Based Condition Monitoring

Handheld Condition Monitoring Route

To 24/7 Remote Condition Monitoring

Online Condition Monitoring

  • Broad route-based monitoring (milk runs)
  • Over 50% of time wasted walking the plant and collecting data
  • Breakdowns in between routes, sometimes even right after
  • Spiraling maintenance and downtime costs
  • Online monitoring limited to only a few assets due to expense
  • 24 x 7 condition monitoring with targeted route-based checks
  • Less time spent gathering data and more time acting on it
  • Catching problems before they happen assisted by continuous data trending and alarms
  • Significant savings through reduced downtime and lower frequency of milk runs
  • Affordable online condition monitoring applied to a broader set of assets

How Condition Monitoring Works


Condition Monitoring Case Study CTA

Condition Monitoring Case Study Hard To Reach Asset

Dynapar OnSite Condition Monitoring System OnSite Condition Monitoring Software

OnSite™ Hardware

Affordable, 24/7 condition monitoring
Easy to deploy and easy to use by anyone
Easy to expand, scale and redeploy to other assets
Tough enough to survive the harshest conditions
Setup in minutes, no need to wire into control architecture
Triaxial accelerometer sensors collect integrated vibration, temperature and speed data (with optional encoder input)


Dynapar OnSite Unit with Highlights

OnSite™ Hardware

1. Wi-Fi or Cellular Communication

Compatible with existing infrastructure (no proprietary gateway). Max range: 300m, line of sight.

2. Sensor Node

Installs in minutes with multiple mounting options. Rated at IP65 and 85°C max temp for harsh environments.

3. Sensor Cables

Sensor cable extends up to 30ft for hard to reach locations.

4. Sensors

Each node contains four sensors with tri-axial accelerometers and temperature sensors. Each sensor is rated IP68 and 105°C max for rugged environments.

5. Optional Encoder Input

Connect encoder for speed data allowing full situational awareness of machine condition.

6. Edge Trigger Data Collector

Push button for quick snapshot of current data.

7. Asset Status Indicator

Visually confirm device status with multi function LED.

8. QR Code

Scan for quick access to software and commissioning portal.

OnSite™ Analytics

Pre-programmed with configurable dashboards
Easy to use alarms send alerts via text or email
Cloud-based, access from any device
Built-in tools including FFT plots, waterfall plots, harmonic cursors, RMS trend and more
Designed for multi-stakeholder access
Supports both vibration analysis experts and non-experts

 OnSite Software with Highlights

OnSite™ Cloud Software

1. Vibration Waveform

See an overall trend to quickly spot spikes and issues early.

2. Overall RMS Vibration Trend

Combine vibration data with speed and temperature to achieve complete situational awareness.

3. Overall RMS with Speed Data

View raw data and compare to historical readings (encoder input needed for speed data).

4. Waterfall Plot

Advanced analytic tools are built in for any stakeholder to root cause critical issues.

Access Critical Data from Anywhere

The OnSite™ System monitors speed, acceleration, temperature and vibration data. Alarms can be set and correlations can be drawn to a machine’s running conditions to detect a change of state via the cloud.

Affordable, Even to Monitor Only 1 Point

Even the smallest motor can cause downtime. The OnSite™ System is the first product in its class that offers powerful condition monitoring at an accessible cost so you can monitor any asset.

Easy to Deploy and Use by Anyone

The OnSite™ System units can be installed and configured in less than 30 minutes. Wi-Fi or cellular communication eliminates wiring and browser based analytics means no adjustments to control architecture.

Easy to Scale or Transfer to Different Assets

With a Wi-Fi or cellular network, one 4-point system it is affordable to monitor any machine and more units can be added to monitor more assets. Existing units can be easily transferred to different assets.

Enable Real Time Collaboration Across the Whole Team

Secure cloud based analytics can be accessed by anyone on the team and is independent of control data allowing maintenance, operations, and vibration professionals to collaborate and make timely decisions.

Built for Tough Environments and Remote Locations

The Dynapar OnSite™ System is designed to survive in harsh environments that may be dangerous or too remote to send route based teams on a regular basis.

Condition Monitoring Conversation

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Address your pain points and discover new advantages

The Dynapar OnSite™ System is a hardware and software solution that combines flexibility with fast results. The hardware hub captures vibration, temperature and speed (with an encoder present) and transmits it via a Wi-Fi or cellular network. It deploys in minutes: Just attach the sensors, turn on the power and the OnSite System does the rest. There is no need to download software – the application resides in the cloud. And built-in software tools make it easy to set alarms and analyze data in real time.

 Monitor Critical Asset

24/7 Critical Asset (high cost of downtime)

Prevent failure of critical assets that are running stably but have very high cost of downtime (e.g. rollers on a paper machine).

 Monitor Troubled Asset

Troubled Assets (potential for catastrophic failure)

Monitor critical assets that are already on watch and might not make it to the next scheduled downtime. Identify further progression before it leads to catastrophic failure or downtime.

 Monitor Hard to Reach Asset

Hard-to-Reach Assets (Safety concern)

Protect staff by monitoring assets in remote locations or areas that present safety risks for workers (e.g., rooftop fans during bad weather, motors/rollers/assets in very hot or corrosive environments, etc.)

 Monitor Process Control

Process Monitoring/Control (production throughput, quality)

Understand how different operators or operating parameters affect the performance of a process/machine and thus the final product quality or throughput. Develop insights regarding best/worst practices to operate an asset.

 Machine Startup

Asset Commissioning/Start-up (verify normal start-up operation)

Monitor newly installed assets during commissioning to generate baseline and ensure proper operation. This baseline provides a reference to verify proper startup after completion of scheduled/unscheduled maintenance.

Condition Monitoring Case Study CTA

Condition Monitoring Case Study Hard To Reach Asset