CleverLevel level switch based on frequency sweep technology

  • Easy and universal point level detection for all media

    • Regardless of the medium: liquid, paste-like, sticky or solid
    • Distinguishes foam and liquid, detects separating layers
    • For industrial and hygienic applications
    • Easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Compact sensor for tight installation space
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Product Description

Level in the hygiene sector

CleverLevel LBFH

  • 3-A- and FDA-compliant, EHEDG and ATEX certified
  • Foam detection or suppression
  • IO-Link interface
  • Two adjustable switching outputs
  • 360° visible multicolor LED

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For industrial applications

CleverLevel LBFI

  • ATEX certification
  • On-site setting with qTeach
  • IO-Link interface
  • Two adjustable switching outputs
  • Multicolor LED display of switching statuses

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Level in universal operation

CleverLevel LBFS

  • With marine, ATEX, WHG and cUlus approval
  • Reliable in various media
  • Wide variety of process connections
  • For hygienic and industrial applications
  • Process temperatures up to 200 °C

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For high-temperature hygienic applications

CleverLevel LFFS

  • 3-A- and FDA-compliant, EHEDG-certified
  • With ATEX, WHG and cULus approval
  • Process temperatures up to 200 °C
  • Housing design with 360° status indicator
  • For hygienic and industrial applications

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Oil level in mobile machines


  • Designed for reliability – off-highway
  • Reliable warning, fewer false warnings
  • Easy integration via o-ring connection
  • Hermetically sealed housing
  • EMC: Emission/Susceptibility based on UN/ECE R10 Rev. 5 ch. 6.8 (no ESA type approval)

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Video “Universal acquisition of filling levels in any medium Smooth brewery processes despite foam and adhering media. Process interruptions are now a thing of the past thanks to Baumer CleverLevel, the clever alternative to vibrating fork level switches.

Your benefits
  • Process stability minimized downtime
    • Differentiation between foam and liquid or between separating layers
    • No incorrect messages in case of adhesions, foam, flow, turbulence and solid suspended matter
  • Eased installation design and retrofit
    • flexible threshold configuration
    • Short immersion length for inferior process intervention
    • High installation flexibility and optimum positioning thanks to a compact design
    • Wide selection of process connections and adapters
  • Efficient  spares inventory and handling
    • One sensor for liquids, pastes, and solids with a harmonized operation and handling yet high flexibility thanks to design variants (short, long, suspended, sliding)
  • Reduced operating effort
    • Maintenance-free and easy-to-clean
    • Easy to operate thanks to the bright status indicator
  • Industry 4.0 and IIoT ready
    • IO-Link interface for seamless communication
    • Automated configuration
    • Optimization of processes by means of diagnostic data

One level switch technology for any medium

Sensor requirements are just as diverse as the media sensors are supposed to detect. Applications vary from dry running protection at pumps to reliable overflow or leak monitoring on to selective media detection with suppression of foam or separating layers.  Baumer is first to meet all these requirements with one single sensor technology. No matter whether it comes to bulk goods, powders, liquids, foam, or sticky or viscous media. One or more switching points will reliably monitor point levels of fluids in tanks, containers or pipes.








Frequency sweep technology:
An electrode integrated in the tip of the sensor together with the environment forms a capacitor. Depending on its dielectric constant (DC value), the medium determines the capacity value. This, together with a coil in the sensor electronics, creates a resonance circuit. Depending on the measured resonance frequency and the programmable trigger thresholds, the switching signal is triggered.








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Technical and Application Reports / White Paper

Replacement of vibrating fork point level switches

The widely used vibration level switches have vibrating forks that are quite large and which protrude quite a ways into the material being measured.

Since pasty materials are prone to stick to these forks, it can often cause measuring errors. Coarse granular media such as grains can easily become lodged between the forks and also cause measuring errors. Moreover, not only are the forks difficult to clean, but liquid and powder substances even require different fork designs.

With the sensors of the CleverLevel switch, no media remnants or solids are able to accumulate on the sensors. A precise and reliable level detection is thus ensured even under difficult circumstances.