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The really clever alternative to the vibrating fork level switch

One sensor for all applications

In comparison to other measuring methods such as vibrating forks and capacitive sensors, this technology has decisive benefits: It has no vibrating parts and is unaffected by conductivity- or temperature- based changes. Furthermore, the sensor is suitable for all types of applications so you can use the same sensor for the entire process, thereby reducing the number of sensors you stock.

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Level switch in brewery applications

Tuesday, 15. April 2014

CleverLevel switch for detecting the filling level in the excess yeast tank

Yeast is an essential ingredient of the fermentation process for brewers. But yeast can also be a problem for the brewery. Recently Baumer helped the Carlsberg brewery solve a problem with left over yeast from the fermentation process – by using the CleverLevel switch.

More information in our latest Application Report.

Application report – Level switch in brewery applications (2.1 MB)


Replacement of vibrating fork point level switches

The widely used vibration level switches have vibrating forks that are quite large and which protrude quite a ways into the material being measured.

Since pasty materials are prone to stick to these forks, it can often cause measuring errors. Coarse granular media such as grains can easily become lodged between the forks and also cause measuring errors. Moreover, not only are the forks difficult to clean, but liquid and powder substances even require different fork designs.

With the sensors of the CleverLevel switch, no media remnants or solids are able to accumulate on the sensors. A precise and reliable level detection is thus ensured even under difficult circumstances.