Pinnacle Programmable SCADA Controllers – ICL

Eliminate costly hardware and accelerate system implementation!

Pinnacle series SCADA controllers help lower the cost of monitoring and controlling automated systems by integrating many aspects of efficient process management into a comprehensive all-in-one solution.
Choose a Pinnacle SCADA controller and you get:

  • Data logging and historical trending built in; safely store years of data and display it on demand
  • Integrated HMIs, including cell phone, tablet and full-graphics interfaces
  • Alarm notification by text, voice or email, with no alarm dialer costs
  • Universal Inputs; accommodate multiple sensors and eliminate converter and transmitter costs
  • Simple fill-in-the-blank configuration and no per-user license fees – fast, easy and cost-effective!
  • Ethernet, serial and wireless communications support; connect devices across virtually any network
  • A built-in gas flow computer with reporting capabilities that exceed industry standards

Product Description



Pinnacle series SCADA controllers are completely programmable and fast – applications run up to 50 times faster on Pinnacle controllers than traditional controllers. Check the chart below to find the Pinnacle SCADA controller that’s right for you!

Great performance and value – the only difference is the I/O configuration!




Ethernet Ports 1 1 1 1
Serial Ports 3 3 3 5
USB Ports 2 2 2 4
Universal Inputs 2 4 8 8
Analog Inputs 1 1 1
Analog Outputs (20mA) 2 2 2 4
Magnetic PI/HS Counters 1 1 1 2
DIO/HSCCounters 6 2 4
Digital Inputs 6 20 16 20
Digital Outputs (Relays) 10 6 12
I/O Expansion +100 +200
Optional Internal Radio YES YES
Optional Internal Telephone Modem YES YES YES
Optional UPS YES YES
3 years, factory parts and labor


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