HK Time Totalizer, Reset HK500A6


The Eagle Signal brand HK5 series time totalizer has a synchronous motor which drives a set of digit readout wheels to indicate the total time the unit is energized.  Six digit-wheels, including a 1/10 digit on hours and minutes, provide a fine, wide range of time measurement.  The HK5 features a front mounted reset wheel.  It can be reset to zero at any time during its operation. The HK5 series totalizes the “ON” or running time of electrically operated equipment.  Its features include:

■ Large, easy to read digits

■ Dust proofs dial cover

■ Maintenance free

■ High impact plastic case

■ Can be mounted in any position

Product Description


  • Function Type Time Totalizer/Elapsed Time Indicator
  • Voltage 120 VAC
  • Frequency 50Hz
  • Size Other
  • Time Format Minutes
  • Output None
  • Display  Digit Wheels
  • Certifications US-UL, CSA
  • Mounting Type Panel

CSA Certification      UL Certification

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