On/Off GUIDER System


✓ Off the Shelf System

This kit is comprised of the following parts:

3A1222A Radio transmitter with four toggle switches, one E-Stop button, and 4 AA batteries included.
3A031TB Nine output epoxy-potted receiver with 3 feet of cable terminated with stripped ends.


Note: The system will ship with full manual and installation drawings.

Product Description

Our GUIDER is a classic pistol-grip style handheld radio transmitter that’s built to be used. They’ve been around and in the field day in and day out for over ten years now, and there’s lots of reasons why.

Our switches are best-in-class: they’re rated for millions of operations, and internally sealed with an additional external sealing boot. Onboard diagnostics let you know whether you’ve got a good radio link or not, and lets you know at the handheld whether you’ve got any issues on your machine. They run off of rechargeable battery packs or replaceable AA batteries, enough to give you days of solid performance, and a low battery indicator lets you know well ahead of time to get a charge in. If your batteries are totally shot, you can always run off the backup wire tether cord if it’s configured for it.

We’ve got loads of standard and configurable versions available in stock, and customize these for OEM applications all the time.








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Additional Information

Technical Attributes

Height Transmitter – 8.50" / Receiver – 2.75"
Width Transmitter – 4.90" / Receiver – 5.80"
Depth Transmitter – 4.50" / Receiver – 1.15"
Data Sheet Printable GUIDER Data Sheet