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Handheld Ranger SystemHandheld RANGER Systems

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Our handheld RANGER systems are a dead-simple, cost-effective way to retrofit a wireless remote on a manual hydraulic system.

We couple a linear actuator per valve section with a wireless receiver that drives the actuator directly in both directions, and a handheld wireless transmitter that controls the receiver. You can set without any special programming tools the position that the valve strokes to in both the slow and fast mode.

The receiver is fully epoxy potted for the ultimate in environmental and vibration resistance and offers up to a conservatively rated 300’ of range. The linear actuator is fully weatherproof as well, and offers 90# of force and a 3” throw with an internal clutch that allows your valve to spring safely back to neutral when it’s not being actively commanded.

Each Handheld RANGER System includes the following components:


Handheld RANGER Transmitters

Choice of Transmitter

We offer a choice of transmitters and up to three axes of control with our handhelds.

Our MACRO series is the larger of the two options with real pushbuttons and rechargeable batteries. One step down in size from the MACRO series, the MINI radio remote has over ten years of proven success in the field. Our MICRO is a budget choice with a membrane keypad and smaller size, but with all of the same performance.

Each transmitter is configured with independent in/out buttons for each axis and a high/low speed switch to choose how fast you stroke the valve.

Handheld RANGER Receiver

Radio Receiver

The wireless receiver, our VC-134, is fully epoxy potted for the ultimate in environmental and vibration resistance and offers up to a conservatively-rated 300’ of range.

It’s overpowered for our industry – running on an ARM processor with tons of horsepower.

12/24V Linear Actuators

12/24V Linear Actuators

These CAN-enabled actuators provide 90 pounds of force with a 3” maximum stroke, and built in processor for precise control of hydraulic valves. They have an internal clutch to enable freewheeling back to center position when the joystick is released or power is lost as a safety feature, and are fully weather-sealed.

Handheld RANGER Mounting Hardware Kit

Mounting Hardware Kit

This kit is comprised of adjustable linkage rods and clevises for connecting the actuators to the valve handles. The steel bracket is supplied by the installer.


Want more information…?

Check out our full Specification Drawing and Operation/Calibration Guide

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