Digital Thermostats for Refrigeration and Heating Applications

New Digital Thermostats will Improve the Performance of Refrigeration and Heating Applications

West Control Solutions has launched the CAL Thermostats family, a range of easy-to-use temperature thermostats that improve performance and efficiency for food and beverage manufacturers. With a simple user interface, large clear display and a high ingress protection-rated casing, CAL Thermostats offer precision monitoring of temperatures within ovens, fryers, refrigerators and other chillers.

Digital Thermostats with NTC Sensor InputSelf-Tuning Digital Thermostat

The CAL ET2011 digital thermostat is an easily programmable standard thermostat for heating or cooling control, with a 4-digit display. A simple panel clamp enables quick installation and release, while a range of input options for thermocouples or PT100 provides capability to meet a wide range of application requirements. The automatic, ‘self-tuning’ calculation of PID parameters, soft-start functionality and the option for relay or SSR output to be assigned as the main control output all contribute to the flexibility and efficiency of the instrument.

Defrost Thermostats for Compressor Defrost or Fan Control

For refrigeration applications where defrost is required, the CAL EDT defrost thermostats offer different output options for compressor defrost or fan control, up to two NTC thermistor sensor inputs and an option for an external digital input to trigger a defrost event. The devices support different defrost cycles: compressor shutdown, electric or hot gas defrost cycles. Fast set-up is enabled using the “CAL key”, a flash memory key that allows configuration settings to be copied from a master device to any further devices that share the same configuration, saving time and ensuring commissioning or down time is minimised. An RS485 option is available for monitoring and reporting, while a real-time clock for initiating the defrost cycle at a specific time of day.
The CAL thermostat range provides an aesthetically-pleasing design featuring a large display that is ideal for both industrial and non-industrial applications.
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CleverLevel: all-round level switch for the beverage industry

The Baumer CleverLevel series LBFS/LFFS are versatile level switch that really displays its strengths in the beverage industry by reducing costs and maintenance thanks to process optimization.
Complex tasks like level control are also child’s play for the CleverLevel. As an all-rounder it recognizes all types of different materials and liquids, even sticky or viscous media and foam. These capabilities open up new application potentials for the CleverLevel in the beverage industry.

Supported by the FlexProgrammer, the CleverLevel series can perform even complex filling level monitoring tasks.


Technical report - Level switch in brewery applications (2.1 MB)

Technical report – Level switch in brewery applications (2.1 MB)

For instance, as it can be currently seen at the Danish Carlsberg brewery. They use CleverLevel for level control in yeast tanks, solving a problem the brewery previously had in the deployment of vibrating forks: Filling the yeast after fermentation goes together with considerable foam formation. The previously used vibrating fork did not recognize the foam which resulted in regular yeast tank overflows.
The CleverLevel operates on frequency deviation technology and has now solved this problem. It can be configured visually and easily using the special software and FlexProgrammer to suppress or not suppress foam. The CleverLevel is maintenance free, has a shallow mounting depth of 15 mm and meets the important 3A and EHEDG standards. Thanks to its diverse features, the CleverLevel is used throughout the entire brewing process, from the initial filling of the storage tank with barley to the finished beer.
See the product here: Baumer CleverLevel series LBFS/LFFS

West PlastX range – New Consolidated Temperature Controller & Indicator for Plastics

West Control Solutions is delighted to present a brand new temperature controller which has been designed specifically for the Plastics and Rubber Extrusion industry.
Using our in-depth extrusion application knowledge we are excited to have created a cost-effective and user-friendly range which is specifically dedicated to the requirements of plastics and extrusion applications.
The PlastX range offers a simplified menu which has pre-populated setup fields with default parameters for plastic applications. This, together with the removal of unnecessary options ensures configuration is straightforward and fast to implement for users.
The new plastics specific range provides options for Heat and Heat/Cool control and includes a function for setpoint ramping, which is particularly useful in extrusion applications to protect heater burn out. Furthermore the units can also be used simply as process indicators reducing the need to stock multiple products for extrusion applications, thus streamlining the product portfolio and reducing inventory.
PlastX The PlastX range is available in both a compact 1/16 DIN size (48x48mm) and 1/8 DIN size (48x96mm). Process and loop alarms are standard features in both units together with LED indicators for the band alarm, low alarm and product tuning to provide at-a-glance process information for peace of mind. A universal input, multiple output configurations and Modbus RS485 communications are all included as standard.
To find out more about the new PlastX range, including a detailed product specification please visit the product pages below.

Next Steps:

Nitriding system for Automotive Ring Gears

automotive ring gearsNitrex Metal Inc. completed the installation of a new nitriding system at Korean heat treater Dongwoo HST Ltd.
The system is used primarily for processing Hyundai ring gears and includes 3 Nitreg®-based nitriding technologies for a number of steel types with process recipes for each product application.
Besides the ring gear business, another impetus for the recent purchase is for Dongwoo HST to meet the country’s growing appetite for advanced heat treatments that offer superior capabilities. Through an exclusive licensing deal, Dongwoo HST now offers Nitreg® potential-controlled nitriding, Nitreg®-C nitrocarburizing, Nitreg®-S nitriding of stainless steels, as well as ONC® in-process post-nitriding/nitrocarburizing oxidation.
The Nitrex furnace at the Dangjin site has a work zone of 39” diameter by 98” height (1000 mm x 2500 mm) and a gross load capacity of 6600 lbs (3000 kg).
Nitrex Metal currently has licensees in 16 countries.  Ask us how we can help you!